Craving something sweet after brunch? &KITH has partnered with BakerStCakes to bring their customers the most delicious sweets and desserts! And on top they also offer a famous milk cake, which is baked in-house! We couldn’t get enough of trying all the different sweets looking absolutely stunning when served on ÅOOMI stoneware plates.
And after brunch, let’s have a dessert!
In addition to the delicious food, &KITH also offers a unique and exciting specialty coffee experience. We’ve found out that their coffee is farmed and produced solely by indigenous women in the highlands of Mexico, ensuring that their customers have access to the most exciting coffee options in the industry. Their coffee is ultra-smooth, roasted locally to just the right strength, with a beautifully rounded caramel finish. From Spanish lattes and Mediterranean Freddo Espressos, to creme brulee lattes and organic 40% mochas, &KITH has it all. And we really enjoyed it! During our visit we decided to try something new and treated ourselves with a Rose Spanish latte and Spanish pistachio latte, which looked great served in ÅOOMI ceramic mugs.
The owner of &KITH has carefully chosen the MESS, DUST and HAZE collection for their cafe, and the ceramics look absolutely stunning. The delicate tones of these stoneware ceramics perfectly complement the eclectic and cozy atmosphere of the cafe, making it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious brunch or a mug of specialty coffee.
MESS, DUST AND HAZE - a perfect trio.
MESS, DUST AND HAZE - a perfect trio.

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