Designed and crafted in Poland, our ceramics are made to be your companion for years to come.

May at ÅOOMI

Whether you're in need of ceramics for your daily rituals or for those special spring gatherings, our ceramics seamlessly transition from everyday moments to grand occasions. Mix and match our collections to add a touch of color to your table this spring!

Special mugs for special coffee

With nine sizes and two unique shapes available, ÅOOMI mugs are a top choice for baristas around the globe. Choose from our variety of options to find the ideal companion for your daily coffee rituals.
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  • Ever since I've had ÅOOMI BOWLS, my Mum started to compliment my tableware for the first time.

  • It doesn’t matter where in the world I am, if a coffee shop has ÅOOMI mugs - I feel at home!

  • Drinking from ÅOOMI MUG feels like getting a hug from someone you love.