Carefully designed and crafted in Poland, our ceramics was made to become a part of your home for years to come.

Autumn evenings with ÅOOMI

Chilly autumn evenings are just around the corner and we've got you covered to create a cozy atmosphere at your home. Hefty soups served in our bowls, sweet pastry delivered on our small plates and of course hot beverages that look great in one of our several ceramic mugs — they all come to your rescue this autumn! Build your own collection and enjoy those dark evenings with a little extra warmth at hand.

Perfect for delicious baking

Did you know that our ceramic pieces are good to be used in an oven? Thanks to their high temperature production, ÅOOMI ceramics are perfect for your baking experiments: aromatic cakes, mouthwatering soufflés or savoury tarts. Discover our dishes and start baking today!

  • Ever since I've had ÅOOMI BOWLS, my Mum started to compliment my tableware for the first time.

  • It doesn’t matter where in the world I am, if a coffee shop has ÅOOMI mugs - I feel at home!

  • Drinking from ÅOOMI MUG feels like getting a hug from someone you love.