Entering this little coffee shop is like coming home after a long trip. There’s not much space, but everybody’s smiling, and the smell… the smell of freshly grounded beans is really amazing. After few minutes you find yourself talking with strangers like they are old friends, someone tells you to order this amazing Kigali ice cream and you want to Shazam every song playing in the background.
We're great fans of ÅOOMI ceramics — it's solid, durable and just beautiful! You can really say it's made with love.
The reason why the owners decided to call the place Kigali is because their favourite origin, in terms of coffee, is Rwanda and Kigali is the capital of Rwanda. They say, that there is real magic in coffee that comes from there, but they also witnessed great progress of the coffee quality over the years of their work.
The owners of Kigali have chosen our MUGS B to use in their place. Their characteristic shape is great for serving not only coffee, but also... ice cream! You should really try them when you're in the hood.

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